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And a new, tiny LV bag is the ultimate flex

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Yohji Yamamoto and Adidas’ collaborative fashion label Y-3 “has served up boundary-pushing sportstyle designs for over two decades now.” Add the Japan Football Association’s new on-pitch kits, and thematic ‘Culturewear,’ to the list (Adidas / Hypebeast)

🔼 Data center power usage. According to estimates, American data centers now use 2% of the country’s electricity, which is a lot »»

🔽 Birth rates in the world’s richest economies. They’ve more than halved since 1960 to well below the “replacement level” »» 

💬 “Flattery is free.” 3 ways to ask anyone for an informational interview »»

🛫 This is officially 2024’s top best-value destination in the world »»

👗 Y-3 outfits the Japan Football Association with jerseys and culturewear »»

🤖 How to reduce hallucinations in LLMs for reliable enterprise use »»

Your competitors are building an audience on LinkedIn. So can you.

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Financial services CEO, London

A free, self-service, sports equipment vending machine next to a basketball court on Paris’s canal Saint-Martin. “Le Basket” has never been more popular in France (AP)

“Everyone wants to be on Hot Ones — no one wants to buy it” »»

Also: Conan O’Brien reflects on his Hot Ones appearance: ‘Many of my friends went online and thought I died’ »»

Forget STEM. The head of Paris’s top tech university says the secret to France’s AI boom is a focus on the humanities »»

And: How French basketball turned so many young talents into NBA players »»

Shein's £50b London stock market float could be scrapped »»

Pharrell's tiny Louis Vuitton bag is a secret millionaire flex »»

Synthesia, a British AI startup, will now give you the ability to create your own Apple-style keynote presentations with AI avatars »»

And: Google AI uses enough electricity in 1 second to charge 7 electric cars »»

5 current Rolexes you can buy at retail prices right now »»

Bugatti's new US$4m Tourbillon has the wildest steering wheel ever »»

Nearly half of Dell’s US employees rejected a return-to-office push, “despite being told they would be ineligible for promotion if they worked from home” »»

Also: Turning the camera off in a virtual meeting is correlated with employee attrition »»

Buy-now pay-later giant Klarna is set to exit its checkout business after finding that the division created a conflict of interest with fintech peers like Adyen and Stripe »»

Attention Londoners: the crowdpleasing Mykonos restuarant chain Nammos is coming to Mayfair »»

How to boost your phone signal for better reception on iPhone or Android »»

The world’s top universities ranked. The UK claims 2 of the top 3 spots »»

Amazon will stop using those little plastic pillows in its packaging »»

Finally: The New York power lunch is back »»

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