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Versace has cut the ribbon on an all-new hotel in Macau, with 271 rooms across three towers and 12 floors. (Versace / Hypebeast)

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🛫 A Versace hotel opened in Macau »»

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Since opening in 2022, Le Rock has managed to make Midtown, a neighborhood plagued by mediocrity, a destination—for even the most jaded New Yorker (Punch)

Where to drink in New York City »»

And: Once considered the ugly ducking of New York City's airports, Newark Liberty Airport’s Terminal A became just the third American airport to land a prestigious 5-star rating from Skytrax, joining Doha, Singapore, and both Tokyo airports »»

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Baccarat Hotels' expansion to the Maldives part of larger growth strategy »»

These exercises burn the most calories per hour »»

Victorians brought so many seeds and saplings to Britain in the 19th century that giant redwood trees in England now outnumber those in the US »»

Attention American small businesses: a new app called Hopscotch Flow will front you your accounts receivables »»

Bitcoin cracked US$70K »»

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Picasso’s $139 million sale reveals unexpected investment opportunity

Just last month, an iconic Picasso painting shattered expectations when it sold for a whopping $139 million at auction. Impressive, considering it was purchased for around $1 million in the late 1960’s. 

But there’s a surprising group of investors also celebrating this sale: 61,000 everyday users of one investment platform. 

Why? Because that platform, called Masterworks, enables anyone to invest in blue-chip paintings by artists like Picasso and Banksy for just a fraction of the cost. When Masterworks sells a painting, investors can get a return. 

This way, not only the billionaires of the world can benefit from the art market.

Past performance is not indicative of future returns; investing involves risk. See disclosures at masterworks.com/cd.

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