🇫🇷 Paris's most expensive rooms

And air taxis are coming to Dubai

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The penthouse at the Four Seasons Hotel George V (Peter Vitale / Condé Nast Traveler)

🔼 Japanese stocks. The Nikkei index is flirting with highs unseen since 1990 »»

🔽 Bezos’s tax bill. Moving from Washington State to Florida will save Amazon’s founder some US$610m in 2024 alone »»

💬 ″This is going to suck.” This CEO built his company for US$60 in a weekend. It brought in US$80m last year »»

🛫 Paris’s 5 most expensive hotel rooms »»

👗 The Super Bowl was almost more fashion than Fashion Week »»

💎 America’s most expensive home »»

The 2024 Lexus GX 550 (Daniel Golson/Jalopnik)

San Francisco’s thriving pop-up scene is the counter-narrative the Bay area needs: there’s plenty of thrilling cooking happening — if you know where to look »»

Browse discounted “empty leg” private jet journeys from London, New York, Zurich and more »»

An Amtrak train trip sparked a romance —and changed the way I date” »»

And: Score is a new dating app for people with good to excellent credit »»

According to its makers, Ava is a new SDR with 10x the skills of a human appointment setter. She can form your ICP and prospects from a database of 270m+ contacts, then warm up email addresses and send 1000s of hyper-personalized outreach messages »»

Dunkin’ introduced some new limited edition menu items from its Ben Affleck Super Bowl commercial »»

The future of work depends on understanding Gen Alpha »»

The most helpful ‘laws’ of productivity to get more done »»

Air taxis are coming to Dubai by 2026 »»

Fun fact: Apple acquired 32 —yes, 32— AI startups last year »»

Speaking of Apple, it sounds like the Vision Pro 4 will be worth waiting for »»

The salary negotiation trick that works ‘time and time again,’ according to an ex-Goldman Sachs recruiter »»

Warren Buffett says Steve Jobs once called him asking for advice on how to invest Apple’s cash —then completely ignored the advice »»

Kylian Mbappé unveilled the “Nike Mercurial TN” for the Air Max Plus’s 25th anniversary »»

“The 2024 Lexus GX 550 turned me into a believer” »»

Menswear brands are rewarding their coolest customers with the ultimate flex: luxury vacations »»

Generative artificial intelligence is transforming the advertising industry »»

2024 Paris Olympics medals unveiled —and they're embedded with actual pieces of the Eiffel Tower »»

Cars lose up to 27% of their value when they hit this mileage »»

Is Soho House the next WeWork? »»

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