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And Gold's record breaking run

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Loewe Paula’s Ibiza is a yearly capsule collection for summer that captures the island’s mood of “near-spiritual escapism” (Gray Sorrenti / Loewe / Wallpaper)

🔼 Soju. The clear Korean spirit is on more American menus than ever »» And: The best Korean spas to plan a visit to in the US »»

🔽 A new photo sharing app called Shine. Widely panned on X as soon as it was released, the app’s co founder quit a week after launch »»

💬 “To fully comprehend the world, it is essential to interact with it.” Does AI need a “body” to become truly intelligent? Meta thinks so »»

🛫 How to do Italy in the off season, according to travel specialists »»

👗 Loewe’s Paula’s Ibiza collection is made for hot and heady summer days »» And: On’s techy runners have never looked wilder »»

💎 The world’s 25 largest yachts »»

Umbro's status as a symbol of youth culture, of streetwear, has fluctuated over the years. (Umbro / Highsnobiety)

TSMC was given billions to build new semiconductor factories in the US »»

Here’s how much accountants and consultants make at Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, and EY in the US »»

Are Americans hooked on multi level marketing? »»

SAS will leave the Star Alliance at the end of August »»

The subversive art/fashion collective MSCHF opened their second solo show, Art 2, at Perrotin gallery in LA »»

There’s a sharp rise in rental fraud in UK —ie., prospective renters faking their payslips— as tenants compete with one another for housing »»

More: The rental crisis to get worse as earnings ‘won’t keep up’ with London flats »»

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And: A Gotham City-themed restaurant in Soho (London) just couldn’t make it work »» 

Station wagons are back. Here are the 13 fastest, ever »»

The price of Gold keeps breaking records »»

Ethiopia plans to allow foreigners to buy real estate in the country for the first time ever »»

Umbro is now a really good streetwear brand (again) »»

Many guessed it, but an American newspaper confirmed that OpenAI transcribed over a million hours of YouTube videos to train GPT-4 »»

Tokyo’s coolest neighborhood just got its first five-star hotel — peek inside »»

Uber Eats launched a TikTok-style video feed »»

Decades in the making, New York will finally get congestion charging. Passenger cars will be charged up to US$15 a day to enter Manhattan below 60th Street »»

75% of European employers could not find workers equipped with the right skills in 2023. This was up from 42% in 2018 »» 

Beauty group Puig is preparing to launch one of Spain's largest IPOs in years »»

And: How Hertz’s bet on Teslas turned into a comedy of errors »»

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