🗽 New York's best hotels

And essential leadership skills for a crisis CEO

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The Broadwick Soho’s top floor bar, Flute. The hotel is one of London’s newest luxe urban bolt-holes. (Broadwick Soho / Robb Report)

🔼 Human drive-thru staff at McDonald’s. The company is halting its AI ordertaking test— for now »»

🔽 Employment in the technology sector. Tesla, Google, Microsoft and Tiktok push tech layoffs total to nearly 100,000 this year »»

💬 “This is one of Singapore’s finite gems, you have only 6,000-odd units.” Singapore’s ‘shophouses’ are catching the eye of the rich, with some forking out tens of millions »»

🛫 3 new luxury hotels in the UK to book right now »» And: New York’s 43 best hotels »»

👗 Close encounters with Gucci's chicest menswear »»

🤖 A new version of an app called Olvy promises to speed up your customer feedback analysis 10x, with AI »»

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Financial services CEO, London

“The new Fiat Grande Panda, a compact hybrid and electric car that brings delightful design back to a well-loved model” (Fiat / Wallpaper)

Supersonic planemaker Boom wrapped up construction of its North Carolina jet factory »»

A US$10,000-per-month wellness club opened in New York City’s Greenwich Village »»

If you always use these 6 phrases, you’re mentally stronger than most »»

A historic department store in Oxford was just transformed into a chic hotel with 101 suites and a rooftop bar »»

7 essential leadership skills for a crisis CEO »»

YouTube is experimenting with Notes, a crowdsourced feature that lets users add context to videos »»

The Washington Post is in talks to bring aboard the legendary admaker David Droga to commission a new marketing campaign to redefine its image »»

Remote workers using ‘mouse-mover’ technology are getting caught »»

Brewdog founder James Watt is set to launch a new business called Social Tip, a platform that allows users to become ‘influencers’ and earn money for promoting brands »»

Fiat Grande Panda first look: will retro-seeking lightning strike twice? »»

The design-obsessed Indian scooter company with global ambitions »»

A big week for menu innovation with new items at KFC, Krispy Kreme, and Taco Bell »»

Finally: The food world is getting over its obsession with ‘authenticity’ »»

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