And how clothes came last at Fashion Week SS24

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This new 13,100 square feet penthouse in Miami is yours for US$50m (ARX Creeative / Robb Report)

🔼 Netflix prices. The firm reportedly plans to raise them after the Hollywood actors' strike ends »»

🔽 American mortgage applications. Rising rates mean applications fell to their lowest level since 1995 »»

💬 “What would have to be true for this problem not to exist in the first place?” 2 key principles are followed by the best decision-makers »»

🛫 Heard of Monos? It’s the DTC luggage brand that’s rising from Away’s ashes »»

👗 Clothes came last at Fashion Week SS24 »»

💎 The Waldorf Astoria Residences Miami unveiled a US$50m penthouse. The six-bedroom apartment sits atop the tallest residential building south of New York »»

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This hotel room sized Manhattan micro apartment is available for rent on Habyt, a new Airbnb-style real estate site out of Berlin (Habyt)

29 unforgettable outfits from David Beckham’s early days of fame »»

Fertilizer prices are higher —and lower »»

New York’s floods weren’t a one-off. Here’s how the city is preparing for the future »»

How TikTok is changing stage design »»

Maybe people don't want self-driving cars after all »»

A breakthrough device could produce freshwater that’s cheaper than tap water »»

An Airbnb-style platform out of Berlin called Habyt, aimed at longer stays and ‘flexible living,’ raised US$42m »»

A new app called WebWave AI will generate a website with one click, and then let you change whatever you want »»

The 2030 men's FIFA World Cup will be played in six countries throughout Africa, Europe and South America »»

Super trendy Paris spot Daroco is heading to London's Soho »»

Oil prices drop 6% as worries mount over demand destruction »»

Canva unveilled “Magic Studio,” a suite of AI-powered design tools »»

Would you pay US$14 for ad-free Instagram and Facebook? »»

Heathrow’s trialling pre-booked security slots »»

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