🥾 LV’s Timbs are here

And 2024's most affordable country for expats

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‘An endorphin hit of info’ curated by Jon Kallus

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A new text-to-video platform called Odyssey is here to compete with OpenAI’s Sora and others (Odyssey)

🔼 American utility stocks. Investors see the sector as undervalued thanks to the boom in data centers »»

🔽 American office occupancy. Vacancies are through the roof »»

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🛫 Heading to the South of France? Don't miss Design Parade Hyeres & Toulon »»

👗 Louis Vuitton is finally releasing its hotly anticipated Timberlands »»

🤖 Meet Odyssey, text-to-video AI built for Hollywood »»

“An absolute gamechanger.”

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An installation in Toulon, south of France, by Sébastien Gafari and Sara Guedes. The pair has “created a dream-like abandoned palazzo as a meeting place for displaced people with nowhere to anchor” (Luc Bertrand / Wallpaper)

Factory owners in China are trying TikTok comedy to find new business »»

Job seekers are using controversial AI 'teleprompter' apps to 'crush' their interviews »»

Grocery store tourism is taking off »»

Detroit's fully restored Michigan Central Train Station ushers in a new era for the city »»

Portugal’s centre-right minority government wants to restore a 20% flat tax for highly-skilled foreigners »»

The biggest reservoir on the Greek island of Naxos has dried up »»

And: High culture meets hedonism on Hydra »»

TikTok is full of bad health “hacks.” Here’s how to navigate them »»

This is the most affordable country for expats in 2024, according to a new report »»

Why you should always put your luggage in the hotel bathtub »»

“Valuations of startups have quietly rebounded to all-time highs. Some investors say the slump is over. But there’s a catch” »»

MoveAI is a new AI assistant app that will help you move cities »» 

Debunking 4 popular myths about intermittent fasting »»

“Should I be doing less cardio?” »»

Finally: Wendy’s is coming to Ireland and Romania. The American fast food burger chain arrived in the UK in 2021 »»

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