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And the world’s best new wellness retreats

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Lapis Spa & Wellness is a 55,000 sq foot spa at the new Fontainebleau Las Vegas. In true Vegas fashion, the spa is OTT: its “Snow Shower” fills a frosty 14°F/-10°C space with snowflakes (Mark Mediana / Lapis Spa & Wellness / Condé Nast Traveller)

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🔽 Lab grown diamonds. Prices were down 20% in 2023 and some experts feel prices could drop another 50%-80% »»

💬 “While everybody else was making their sourdough starters, we were building antennas.” A former Disney Channel star and singer is launching a satellite data startup called Northwood Space —and it’s backed by blue chip VCs »»

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💎 A private island off the Florida Keys returns to market for US$75m »»

The Vegas Sphere (Michael Bittle / Sphere Facebook / Live for Live Music)

London has been named one of the world’s ‘most tranquil’ cities – yes, really »»

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