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Loewe is constantly breaking boundaries, stealing the show at Paris Fashion Week season after season. Their new Toy Boot is wide and baggy, mimicking the look of oversized bottoms (Loewe)

🔼 The amount of words AI systems can ingest in one go. Soon, you'll be able to paste millions of words into your queries »»

🔽 Elon Musk’s monopoly on satellite Internet service. Amazon’s into it now too »»

💬 “We should have never done this f—ing thing.” Some Goldman execs are regretting partnering with Apple on its credit card and savings account »» 

🛫 The brand new 585-key (room) W Sydney is the world’s largest W hotel »»

👗 Loewe’s FW23 Toy Boot delivers five-pocket trousers for your feet »»

💎 Here’s a US$4.4m Patek »»

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The TT is over (Thefastlanecar.com)

Israel-Hamas war raises concerns over global economy »»

5 tips for maintaining your mental health while following the news »»

“Let's continue to embrace empathy and understanding through these difficult times.” Read the email LinkedIn sent employees announcing more than 600 layoffs »»

US$1.13b. Apparently, that’s the amount of FTX money that SBF spent on celebrities and sponsorships. The criminal trial against the failed crypto exchange’s founder entered its third week »»

Drive thru is shaking up the restaurant industry »»

Rite-Aid is bankrupt »»

Audi’s discontinuing the TT »»

Ralph Lauren isn’t done »»

Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling are reuniting for an Ocean’s Eleven prequel »»

Australian software giant Atlassian recently is buying video messaging platform Loom for nearly US$975m in cash. Here’s why »»

Did you know that the Channel Tunnel is designed for almost double the current rail traffic? Eurostar’s 30-year monopoly on cross-English Channel rail travel could be about to end, as a new rival called Evolyn bought 12 trains ahead of a 2025 debut »»

‘It prints money.’ Two friends used AI and US$185 to start a side hustle—they just sold it for US$150,000 »»

Dialogue on television has been going down the drain for some time. Here’s the steps you can take to actually hear what actors are mumbling on your favorite show »»

Here’s what being filthy rich in China looked like in 1, 1000, and 2000 AD »»

Moving to Germany will be easier in 2024 under a new visa scheme »»

Londoners: here’s what’s going on with Oxford Street’s massive new IKEA »»

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