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And Apple thinks the next big thing is ... journaling?

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Approaching the Sant'Ivo alla Sapienza church, in central Rome, and inside Enoteca Il Piccolo, a wine bar near the Piazza Navona (Camilla Glorioso / Travel & Leisure)

🔼 The number of new B Corporations. Last year, over 2K companies certified as such, meeting social, environmental, and transparency standards to do so »»

🔽 OPEC’s clout. Members are leaving, non-member nations are filling production gaps, and the world is at the ‘beginning of the end’ of fossil fuel era »»

💬 “This requires bravery…” Want to know the perfect response to ‘instantly’ shut down passive-aggressive behavior? »»

🛫 8 of the best wine bars in Rome »»

👗 The radical authenticity of 2023's most stylish celebs »»

💎 The hottest piece of paper for global power players right now? An Emirati passport. The UAE has been quietly handing travel credentials to foreign billionaires, businessmen, and celebrities »»

The Bizzarrini 5300 GT Strada’s nameplate features distinctive and creative typography (Jalopnik)

We hit peak restaurant collab in 2023 »»

The 10 best celebrity hairstyles of 2023 »»

5 steps that will get you promoted in 2024 »»

New photographs suggest that Mars was once full of rushing water »»

Americans send and receive more text messages on Christmas than any other day of the year »»

Anthropic (claude.ai) raised a US$750m Series C »»

The hidden costs of owning a home could be US$10,000 a year »»

Free transit or congestion pricing? The battle to get commuters off the roads »»

Manchester United sold 25% of itself to the chairman of the multinational chemical company Ineos, Sir Jim Ratcliffe. (He’s also one of Britain’s wealthiest people) »»

If you love fonts and graphic design, go to a classic car show »»

India wanted to ditch the US dollar and buy oil in rupees. But no seller wanted to get involved »»

Apple thinks the next big thing is ... journaling? (Finally, a way for your phone to know even more about your personal life) »» The newsletter's writer owns shares of Apple

AI can now tell if your Louis V is fake »»

Chinese regulators announced a range of new rules that set spending limits for online games, sparking panic among investors »»

Yogurtmaker Chobani is buying the coffee brand La Colombe for US$900m »»

Villiers may be the world’s most user friendly jet charter service

Villiers’ top 5 most requested routes last year all started in London. Paris, Ibiza and Nice topped the list. Request a quote yourself »»

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