👀 How to get hotel upgrades

And dumbphones are back

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The Abernathy Residence. Designed in 1961, the iconic midcentury-modern Palm Springs estate has served as the backdrop for numerous fashion campaigns (Robb Report / Patrick Ketchum)

🔼 GameStop. The original meme stock is up 60% this month. $GME’s most prominent booster, a financial analyst and YouTuber named Keith Gill aka “Roaring Kitty,” posted on X for the first time in three years, exciting investors again »» 

🔽 Ford’s EV business. The carmaker lost US$100,000 on every electric car it delivered in 1Q24 »»

💬 “Just because you love something doesn’t mean you should try to make money from it.” 3 questions that determine 99% of your happiness »»

🛫 How to get a hotel upgrade, according to hotel owners »»

👗 “EmRata wore the summer trouser trend I've already seen on stylish people in London and Paris” »»

🤖 OpenAI released “GPT-4o,” a faster model that’s free for all ChatGPT users »»

💎 This midcentury-modern masterpiece in Palm Springs is yours for US$12.9m »»

Flying private may be cheaper than you think. Click through and scroll down to browse a continually updated list of discounted, emoty leg routes across Europe and North America

Gucci hired tennis star Jannik Sinner for its latest campaign. He is the highest ranking Italian men’s tennis player ever. (Gucci / Hypebeast) 

A Four Seasons is coming to Madinah, Saudi Arabia »»

The uncommon productivity hack that energizes you by doing absolutely nothing »»

How to build a home gym you’ll actually use »»

A new app called Voicenotes combines AI and voice dictation, saving and organizing whatever you record — and letting you ask your own notes questions at a later date »» More: Product Hunters like it a lot »»

Did you know more than 1 in 3 American homes are bought in cash? »» 

Japan is struggling to kick its coal dependency »»

Displaying art in your home? Here are some dos and don’ts »»

Amex rolled out four new credit cards in Nigeria. The firm is pushing to become a dominant player in Africa’s growing consumer credit market »»

Jumeirah unveiled a new brand identity »»

Gucci x Jannik Sinner is a feeling »»

And: Meet Dior x Stone Island »»

Luxury EV maker Lucid’s third car will be a midsize SUV, made in Saudi »»

Norway often ranks one of the most productive countries in the world. A Norwegian CEO shares why the work culture is so unique there »»

A former TikTok employee shares tips for restaurant influencer marketing campaigns »»

AI may not replace you, but someone who uses it can — here’s the No. 1 skill you need to stay relevant »»

Tumi, Hoka, and more are all secretly discounted in Amazon’s premium brand outlet — shop the 10 best deals here »»

How retailers like Best Buy, T.J. Maxx and Home Depot quietly target ‘problem’ returners »»

Website-building platform Squarespace will go private in a US$6.9b all-cash deal with private-equity firm Permira. $SQSP has struggled as a public company »»

Apple’s making big corporate-level changes over concerns that other firms’ AI prowess could topple Apple’s global smartphone dominance »»

UK neobank Starling is helping launch banks worldwide (and taking a risk-free slice) by giving them access to its banking software, Engine »»

London’s 2024 Building of the Year has been crowned by the Royal Institute of British Architects —and it’s not a building in the traditional sense at all »»

Finally: Dumbphones are back »»

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