👀 The electric G-Wagen arrives

And America bans TikTok

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Officially named the G580 with EQ Technology, the 2025 G-Class EV will be more capable than its gas-powered siblings (Jalopnik / Mercedes-Benz)

🔼 Gen Z’s watch buying. Many are going into debt to flip Rolexes »» Also: 7 Rolex fails that turned to coveted grails »»

🔽 Britain’s used Range Rovers. They’re depreciating much, much faster than other makes. Blame widespread theft, rising insurance costs and, for some models, the general chill in demand for EVs »»

💬 “It’s even better than I was hoping.” The electric G-Wagen is finally here »»

🛫 Find yourself at Six Senses Kyoto, the brand's breathtaking Japan debut »»

👗 “I had no idea whether I loved or hated what I saw, but I knew I couldn’t get it out of my head.” A deep dive into decades of Ralph Lauren ads »»

🤖 A Stanford study predicted that the largest AI models could run out of new text to scrape by the end of this year »»

💎 Gulfstream rolled out the G700. It’ll set you back US$75m »»

Lines at Brooklyn’s Roberta’s might soon get shorter. The world famous pizza restaurant just converted its takeout stand into a new slice shop called R Slice (Time Out / @foodbabyny / @pizza / Instagram) 

Cognition Labs is a six month old company that’s already worth US$2b: They’re trying to use AI to replace coders and devs »»

And: Profluent is using AI and CRISPR to edit DNA »»

Ron Howard made a Jim Henson documentary »»

The 12 best islands for retirement, from the Caribbean to the Med »»

Reddit updated its mobile app to make user comments (the platform’s main draw) more of a focal point »»

Payments giant Stripe will no longer require its business customers to process payments on its platform, if those business want access to Stripe’s non-payment features, like fraud, risk and verification services, or billing and invoicing »»

Perrier was ordered to destroy 2m bottles of water for a gross reason »»

Attention Singaporeans: Daily Beer, Korea’s largest craft beer and fried chicken chain, is coming to Telok Ayer »»

Attention Londonders: The Dover is an elegant, “worth-the-hype” New York-inspired Italian restaurant on Dover Street in Mayfair »»

Attention New Yorkers: Roberta's just opened a new slice shop in Bushwick called R Slice »»

And: The New York Knicks are finally good again. Get to know the three college basketball teammates powering the city’s most exciting team in years »» 

Want to build a social media following? “Delete your tweets. Gaming the algorithm isn’t rocket science” »»

Bad news if you live on the coast. Ocean waves contain more ‘forever chemicals’ than industrial pollution »»

A new app called CoffeeSpace is Tinder for solo founders »»

America’s president signed a bill to ban TikTok, starting a nine-month countdown until the social media app’s Chinese parent company will be forced to sell it —or have it be removed from US app stores »»

Meanwhile: America’s TikTok creators a fearing for their livelihoods »»

Finally: You can now book a luxury train from Paris to Portofino »»

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