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Pharrell sent a cowboy-themed Louis Vuitton menswear show down the runway back in January. Since then, the cowboy look seems to be popping up everywhere (@le.syndrome / Instagram / Highsnobiety)

🔼 Anthropic. Amazon will spend a further US$2.75b backing the San Francisco startup. Anthoropic’s chatbot Claude is widely viewed as ChatGPT’s main competitor »»

🔽 S4 Capital's turnover fell last year for the first time as clients cut back on advertising spend amid greater economic uncertainty »»

💬 “He’s a megalomaniac.” VCs are reportedly fed up with OpenAI's Sam Altman »»

🛫 The buzziest summer travel destinations for 2024, according to Google »» And: There's a new airport in Tulum —with nonstop flights from the US »»

👗 Why are famous people obsessed with cowboycore? »»

💎 The 11 best private jets for any kind of trip »» And: Check out the discounted empty legs from Villiers now »»

Land Rover announced a new version of its most recent Defender SUV called the Octa (Land Rover / Robb Report)

OpenAI is taking meetings in Hollywood, trying to forge partnerships and encourage filmmakers to integrate the firm’s latest text-to-video generator, Sora, into their work »»

And: The brain-computer interface race is on, with AI speeding up developments »»

Meanwhile: Here’s why AI search engines really can’t kill Google »»

Speaking of: Peek inside Google’s new US$2.1b New York HQ »»

By the way: Updates to Google Maps and Search are about to make it easier to plan your next outing »»

Robinhood’s new credit card is made of actual gold, but its real value is in the user perks »»

LinkedIn is experimenting with a TikTok-like video feed in its app »»

A new app called Wiser promises to be Pinterest for knowledge »»

Why America could be on the cusp of a productivity boom »»

The Baltimore bridge collapse and its potential consequences, explained »»

iPhone 16 dummies reveal surprising new design changes »»

Land Rover’s newest Defender is its most powerful yet »»

4 essential tactics for honing your leadership language »»

No, you don’t need to ‘decant’ your groceries »»

Bologna is the REAL food capital of Italy – here’s why »»

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