💀 Commercial real estate woes

And this Summer's freshest colognes

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Did you know that Venice’s famous Gritti Palace hotel is a Marriott? (The Gritti Palace Venice / The Points Guy / Facebook)

🔼 American consumer spending. It’s exceeding analysts’ expectations, despite widespread economic pessimism, and there are multiple reasons why »»

🔽 Commercial real estate. Investors are spooked »»

💬 “People are finally just waking up [to the fact] that, actually, the UK has a lot of fantastic companies.” British stocks are outperforming American ones. One CIO says they look ‘very cheap’ »»

🛫 The world’s 71 most beautiful streets »» And: The world’s 29 best Marriotts »»

👗 The Jordan 4 looks like a chunky skate shoe now »»

🤖 OpenAI is pulling the ChatGPT voice that sounds remarkably similar to Scarlett Johansson after numerous headlines (and SNL) called it out. The voice, aka “Sky,” is now on “pause” »»

💎 You know Neutra, right? A prime Bel Air example is on the market »»

Flying private may be cheaper than you think. Click through and scroll down to browse a continually updated list of discounted, emoty leg routes across Europe and North America

A new travel essential: “Rimowa’s vanity case has a hard-wearing anodised aluminium shell, pictured here in silver” (Neil Godwin / Future Studios / Wallpaper*)

4 challenges to address as AI takes over the restaurant industry »»

And: A new app called “AI Playground” combines 10 of the largest AI Chatbots into one platform, allowing you to chat with them all and picking the best output every time »»

A baby panda being sent from China to Japan was spotted in a passenger seat, instead of flying cargo »»

EVs from a decade ago are dying an early death —but they don't have to »»

Amazon CEO: An ‘embarrassing’ amount of your success depends on this one skill »»

The 15 freshest summer colognes for men, from Diptyque to Tom Ford »»

As clicks dry up for news sites, could Apple’s news app be a lifeline? »»

Meghan Trainor bought Zedd’s Encino mansion »»

This European city was just named the world's 'smartest' — here's why »»

The best spa for finding your zen is in the heart of London »»

ChatGPT’s mobile app revenue saw its biggest spike yet following GPT-4o launch »»

Bumble bought the community building app Geneva to expand further into friendships »»

‘Unbelievably easy to explore.’ Travellers recommend the best places for a first-time solo trip to Europe »»

Also: A chunky new Rimowa vanity case provides safety and luxury when travelling with beauty products »»

Finally: Air France has a new sommelier »» 

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