🇬🇧 Britain's dwindling millionaires

And Nvidia soars

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Madrid’s La Analógica bar. (Analógica / Wallpaper)

🔼 UK bankers at JPMorgan. The firm raised its bonus cap in Britain to 10x base salary. (Rival bank Goldman Sachs lets its top UK traders/dealmakers earn bonuses up to 25x base) »»

🔽 Britain’s millionaires. They are abandoning the UK in droves »»

💬 “It was a small little dream that we had to open one cute, quaint, cozy coffee shop.” Meet the New York couple who spent US$250,000 to open a bakery. Today the company brings in US$50m a year »»

🛫 The best design-led Madrid bars »»

👗 Louis Vuitton is kicking off its football era »»

🤖 Unpack the “10 AI Archetypes” to transform your mindset »»

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“The next Vision device will be cheaper, with fewer features” (Apple / Mashable)

OPEC’s trillion-dollar bet against American shale »»

Ferrari's first electric car to cost over US$500,000 »»

Nvidia is officially the world’s most valuable company »»

OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever announces his new AI startup, Safe Superintelligence »»

Apple is shutting down Apple Pay Later just months after launch »»

And: Apple is reportedly giving up on its Vision Pro 2 headset, focusing on a cheaper model instead »»

Société Générale is selling its freelancer challenger bank Shine to Ageras »»

A new app called AI Logo Reveals promises to “effortlessly bring static logos to life” »»

And: Meet Seen, a new app for friends to record reactions to TikToks and other content »»

Singapore doubles down on lab-grown meat as Silicon Valley backs off »»

Is this the world's most durable duffle bag? »»

“All roads run through Paris.” How Publicis got ahead of the advertising holding company pack »»

Meanwhile: Advertising is now a ‘meritocracy’ in the wake of social media, says Gary Vee »»

Finally: These free LinkedIn courses will teach you how to use AI »»

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