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And the world's 10 most affordable beach towns to move to

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Lake Como’s Villa d’Este “has provided lakeside refuge to luxury travelers since 1873.” The 156 key (room) property is surprisingly family friendly (Villa d’Este / Travel + Leisure)

🔼 Plumber and construction jobs. Gen Z workers are making #bluecollar cool »»

🔽 Toyota. The carmaker lost over US$15b in market value last week after being caught falsifying tests »»

💬 “Old is new.” How French fine dining ate New York »»

🛫 Lake Como’s 10 best hotels. One is a 170 key (room) Hilton that used to be a silk factory »»

👗 Sienna Miller’s M&S collection is here »»

🤖 Apple revealed “Apple Intelligence” »»

Flying private may be cheaper than you think. Click through and scroll down to browse a continually updated list of discounted, empty leg routes across Europe and North America

Fly privately from Nice to Florence with 7 of your friends for just €500 per person »» (scroll down to “Empty Legs”)

When you do: You’ll be flying the best-selling jet in its class, for the past 12 years in a row »»

Once you land: Here’s a local’s guide to where to eat, stay, and visit in Florence »»

And: Apparently, there’s never been a better time to dine in the city than right now »»

Meanwhile: Try this super pro travel hack before your next flight »»

A new 154 key (room) Mondrian opened on Ibiza’s East coast with a bold and inventive redesign of a 1970s building (Mondrian / Wallpaper)

As leaks on the International Space Station worsen, there’s no clear plan to deal with them »»

Tour the chic new Mondrian Ibiza »»

Nearly a fifth of America's billionaires went to just 5 colleges »»

Why China still runs on Windows. And what it means for Microsoft »»

Nvidia's $3 trillion market cap means its employees are “worth” more than US$100 million each »»

Shein now sells more than Zara and H&M »»

The Fondation Maeght in Provence digs deep for a spectacular gallery expansion »»

The Tokyo city government is expected to launch a dating app as early as this year to help encourage single citizens to meet and get married »»

10 most affordable beach destinations to live in around the world »»

You use a VPN, right? If not, sign up and get 3 months of NordVPN free as a friend of fv/ »»

BMBX (“boombox”) is a new, fast, free Internet radio app for iPhone »»

Patek Philippe is not happy Sylvester Stallone flipped that US$5.4m Grand Master Chime: “If a brand like Rolex or Patek Philippe learns you’ve sold a hot watch you bought at retail, then you’re most likely not going to get an opportunity to buy from that brand again” »»

Finally: Could Manchester eclipse London as the UK’s skyscraper capital? »»

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