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27% of healthcare practitioners and 19% of healthcare support workers operate during the “third shift.” The legacy Detroit bars that are traditionally open afterwards are disappearing (Punch)

🔼 Bitcoin. It’s at an all time high and “here to stay” »»

🔽 UK “non-doms.” The government said that essentially all individuals who live in the UK, but are not necessarily permanently settled there, will be taxed on their non-UK income from 2025 »» 

💬 “These hospital people need to have a place to wind down.” Originally designed to serve overnight factory shift workers, Detroit’s early-morning bars are disappearing »»

🛫 The 10 best European beach destinations to live in, according to real estate experts »»

👗 The best front-row style at Paris Fashion Week »»

💎 Here’s what a US$675,000 Nissan looks like »»

“Giants: Art from the Dean Collection of Swizz Beats and Alicia Keys” is on display through July at the Brooklyn Museum (Brooklyn Museum/Dean Collection)

Ema, a “universal AI employee,” emerges from stealth with a US$25m raise »»

Claude 3 is Anthropic’s most powerful AI chatbot yet »»

And: Why Claude 3 Is bad news for Microsoft Azure and a wake up call for OpenAI. (Claude 3 “Opus,” the strongest model, outperforms GPT-4 on common benchmarks) »»

Accenture is buying the learning platform Udacity »»

What do Americans want from their food? The answers are in Trader Joe’s recalls »»

BA’s getting a new website and app »»

A new app called CleanMy®Phone promises to declutter and organize your photo gallery by identifying duplicates and unnecessary screenshots, putting images into folders and more »»

“There’s nothing more powerful.” Do these 3 things to become more influential at work »»

The best art exhibits in New York right now »»

EU inflation is coming back down to Earth. It peaked at 11.5% in October 2022 »»

The UK used car site Cazoo, which makes buying a car as easy as any other e-commerce purchase, is making a major change to its business model »»

And: Apple worked on a car, in secret, for over a decade before recently abandoning the project. Why? »»

Apparently, Delta Air Lines has a corporate American Express card with a US$1.1b credit line. They use it for fuel purchases »»

Chinese TikTok experts are teaching Americans how to sell »»

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