AI middle managers

And Gmail's future

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Gucci designer Sabato De Sarno showed the brands 2025 Cruise collection in London this week (Dazed / Gucci)

Copper. Futures for the base metal hit a record high, thanks to a global rush to build data centers, and the continued electrification of the global economy 罈罈

Middle management? At Google I/O, the company introduced AI Teammate, powered by Gemini. Some think it could replace senior employees/managers 罈罈

We challenge you to find a better burger and sauce experience. Pizza Hut is getting into the burger business 罈罈

Visit the Mykonos of Spain while you can. A picturesque Menorcan fishing village threatens to close to tourists amid overcrowding 罈罈

Gucci Cruise 2025 was a love letter to London 罈罈

10 must watch OpenAI GPT-4o demos 罈罈

Inside the Ritz-Carltons new luxury cruise liner 罈罈

Flying private may be cheaper than you think. Click through and scroll down to browse a continually updated list of discounted, emoty leg routes across Europe and North America

A new reality show called Buying London premieres on Netflix next week (Netflix)

Check out the 19 best work bags for women that are both chic and practical 罈罈

Carbones coming to Mayfair 罈罈

Google's Gmail of the future looks incredible 罈罈

10 restaurant chains poised to become the next Chipotle 罈罈

Fallout between the Maldives and India is absolutely benefiting Sri Lanka, says tourism minister 罈罈

Brad Pitts F1 movie could be the most expensive film ever made, more than Avatar and Jurassic World 罈罈

Apple looks kind of ridiculous right now. While Google and OpenAI introduced impressive AI assistants this month, Apple rolled out new iPads 罈罈

The biggest differences between Claude and ChatGPT 罈罈

Meanwhile: OpenAIs co founder left the company 罈罈

Use the 80/20 rule to purge stuff you dont actually need 罈罈

Big properties. Bigger personalities. A new reality show called Buying London is coming to Netflix next week. Expect glittering homes in Belgravia, Chelsea, Kensington, Hampstead, St John's Wood, Knightsbridge, Mayfair and Notting Hill 罈罈

A new app called Glitter AI will let you create written documentation by just speaking and clicking around your desktop 罈罈

Finally: A new high-speed train route linking Madrid and Lisbon will be operational by 2034 罈罈

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