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And you’re likely eating too much protein

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Carhartt luxury (Louis Vuitton / High Snobiety)

🔼 US casino gambling. Americans are pouring cash into casinos at record rates »»

🔽 Staffing levels at the UK’s Channel 4. The company is moving out of London —and making hundreds redundant »»

💬 “We don’t know what it could be.” Netflix’s co founder gifted US$2b worth of Netflix stock to… someone »»

🛫 Aman’s new Bangkok hotel and residence tower will open this year »»

👗 Carhartt is the new luxury »»

💎 The 15 most expensive American neighborhoods per square foot. (Surprise: there’s no New York City neighborhood in the top 10) »»

This 8 hour NYC apartment transformation has racked up millions of views (@madisonmalaga / TikTok / New York Post)

Netflix is different now — and there’s no going back »»

TikTok is loving how one woman transformed a 200-square-foot NYC apartment into a shockingly luxe space —in an astonishing 8 hours no less »»

Apple’s iOS 18 may be ‘the biggest’ software update in iPhone history »»

PayPal’s going to start using your email receipts to predict what you might want to buy next »»

Researchers from the University of Copenhagen have become the first in the world to mathematically prove that, beyond simple problems, it is impossible to develop algorithms for AI that will always be stable »»

And: Amazon’s offering free AI courses. Their goal? Help 2m people build AI skills by 2025 »»

Related: Welcome to “The Deal,” Amazon Prime »»

You’re probably eating way too much protein »»

How ‘quiet luxury’ is subtly taking over investor portfolios »»

But: Burberry shares are out of fashion »»

When did taprooms start to look so… nice? »»

A new app called Ayraa wants to be your personal search engine and knowledge assistant at work »»

Elon Musk's Neuralink implants brain chip in first human »»

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