✨ 2000s-era LV is back

And Snap says social media is dead

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The new LV Remix collection from Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton / Hypebeast)

🔼 Airbus shares. They soared to a record high as severe safety concerns loom over arch rival Boeing’s reputation »» 

🔽 Japan’s position as the world’s largest car exporter. It’s now China »» Related: Why Tesla isn’t worried about BYD »»

💬 “Social media is dead.” That’s Snapchat’s co-founder in a leaked internal memo »»

🛫 Eater’s 38 essential Buenos Aires restaurants »»

👗 Louis Vuitton's LV Remix collection brings back Marc Jacobs' 2000s era »»

💎 Hublot and Murakami are pushing the boundaries of watch design »»

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For more than 30 years, the team at the Three Chimneys restaurant in Scotland’s Isle of Skye has been serving exceptional food in extraordinary surroundings (The Three Chimneys)

Families will look radically different by 2100 »»

Hilton unveiled a new extended stay brand called “LivSmart Studios” »»

Marina Abramović released a skincare range »»

Puma’s sneaker archive is truly wild »»

5 of the most “WTF” products at CES 2024 »»

London has been named Europe’s best destination to visit this year »»

Plus: “Chic and sustainable.” What it's like staying at London's 1 Hotel Mayfair »»

And: The UK's best countryside hotels and inns for food »»

The double Big Mac (4 patties) is coming back to certain American McDonald’s »»

Related: Are US$18 Big Macs the price of falling inequality? »»

Gen Z is fueling a jazz comeback »»

Tinder has a new CEO »»

The 7 best uses for your old iPhone or iPad »»

A social media uproar may cost the Maldives millions in tourism revenue. Some Ministers are feuding with neighboring India »»

VinFast will try and sell its tiny VF3 SUV in America. The car has a 125-mile range and will be less than US$20,000 »»

Everything there is to know about ‘The White Lotus’ Season 3 »»

“Empty legs” are the pinnacle of value when it comes to private jet travel. Browse the January deals —or request a custom quote »»

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